Sunday, September 11, 2011

Summer Experience :)

Hello folks! Long time no see! How was your summer holiday? Was it good? Splendid? Superb? Well I know mine was! Hehehe. I spent two months of my three-months summer holiday taking a short term class, and the other one working as a part-time GO in Club Med Bali.

Let me explain a bit about my job there. GO is short for Gentils Organisateur. I worked as a Mini Club GO. Club Med has a facility called Mini Club. Mini Club is separated to 4 clubs. Petit Club (2-3 years old), Mini Club (4-7 years old), Kids Club (8-10 years old), and Junior Club (11-17 years old). Our job is basically to take care of the kids who sign in to the club, play and do activities with them. We open at 9 am in the morning till 5.30 pm and open again at 6.50 pm til 9 pm. I deal with the Mini Club kids. It's hard to say which club GOs has the more difficult job because each club has its own ups and downs. With Mini Club, you have to deal with smaller kids who have less responsibilities in life, they probably just learned how to walk and run yesterday. I have to say sometimes it's a pain in the ass to chase them around, some of them JUST WON'T LISTEN! They're like devil in disguise! Heheh. But some of them are really nice and sweet once you got them to come around to you. Somewhere between and after our Mini Club working hours, we have to do GM contact, basically we sit down and mingle with the guests.

In my first week there, I really wanted to go home. I felt like all the people there were awful. The GOs might be smiling to the GMs but with other GOs, sometimes they were just awfuullll. For a newbie like me, it surely did feel like living hell. They expect us to know things around by ourselves, without telling us in advance. Well, of course we're allowed to ask in advance, even some of them would help without us asking, but some just give us a horrible look and explain things to us briefly without further ado (but now that I come to think of it again, aren't all workplace just the same? Haha).

As days went by, I got used to the situation and started to understand that's just the way things are there. Under pressure, of course sometimes you could explode, but there was NO WAY you may explode in front of the guests. So sometimes you misdirect your anger unto your colleagues, and you should understand each other. You work hard, you party hard. At working hours you really work, there are boundaries, rules and everything that tied you altogheter. After working hours, you're just colleagues hanging out and having fun together. I started to grow fond of my colleagues. Now and then, after a week being at home, I even still think about them. What are they doing at this time of day? Oh they're supposed to be having snack by now, oh they're supposed to be having Michael Jackson Show right now, etc. I even pick up a little French, Japanese, and Korean. I can say 'Let's go!' and 'Sit down, please' in six languages now! Ha.

I started to grow fond of Club Med life too. What I really like about Club Med is how it brings hundreds of strangers together, and kinda force us to be friends within seconds. That was actually a fun experience, something I would never do if it weren't for working in Club Med.

Overall, part-timing in Club Med Bali was really fun, and in the future, if they're still willing to accept me, I would totally go back there without further thinking! (+ I kinda left my fav short and my friend's tanktop somewhere in mini club, so I probably SHOULD go back hahaha). Thanks for the fun you gave me, Club Med! Now, let's go back to college with full tank! Godspeed.