Thursday, May 14, 2015

I Wish I Could - Short Story

"So, when did you start having nightmares?"
"I don't know. Probably two years or so."
"How did it start?"
"It started out as nightmares. Extremely vivid ones. It developed into some sort of insomnia, and I ended up sleeping only two hours a day. Because I've been afraid of the nightmares."
"How vivid were they?"
"ARE. They are. So vivid to the point that...I now even doubt that you are a real person."
"Ok, I see."

The doctor then take some notes on his rather expensive-looking black leather notebook.
"I need you to tell me now, what do you think the genuine reason of you having all those nightmares is?"

I try to hold the urge to throw out the noodles I had for lunch, as I feel this sickening butterfly crawling up my gut, the same butterfly that always tries to climb out whenever I remember or try to remember things. I try to find my balance, inhale and exhale a big one, looking at the doctor very tensely, unconsciously clenching my fists too tight that they might get cramped afterwards.

"I wish I could."

I feel my own face reacts to the words that I just say. It sags down, along with the revelation of my desperate attempt to heal.

I wish I could.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Dear God

I love the fragrance of your voice,
You're the colour of Loyal,
My favourite sound is your smile,
I'm intoxicated with joyful

Oh, I am moved by you
Oh, I am moved by you

I feel you on the bottom of my feet,
The very blush in my cheek,
I love the taste of the words you don't say,
You're the very meaning of peace,
I am a 10 thousand petal flower,
Unfolding in this moment,
I feel so vulnerable and so empowered,
It's everything, it's nothing, it's perfect

Oh, I am moved by you,
Oh, I am moved by you

You're the eyes of a child,
You're a horse running wild,
You're the cracking open of a heart,
You make me feel so alive,
I am honoured to know,
The twinkle of your star,

Oh, I am moved by you,
Oh, I am moved by you


La, La, La ( I am moved)
La, La, La (Hey, nothin, nothin, nothin, moves me like you move me)
La, La, La (oh, mmm, I am moved by you)

I give thanks for my time upon the planet Earth,
By all of your beauty,
I am so inspired,
Your love has baptised me by fire,

Oh, I am moved by you
Oh, I am moved by you

Oh, I am moved by you 
(I just wanna say thank you)
Oh, I am moved by you
(Thank you, thank you)

Oh, I am moved by you,
Oh, I am moved by... you