Sunday, May 24, 2009


Gue nemuin satu website baru yang lucu namanya Dikasitau Pudo, maklum calon stylist tuh anak hahaha. Jadi semacam website makeover kayak salah satu feature websitenya InStyle, tapi yang ini baju-baju semua. Fashion abesss getuw dech. Seru aja nyocok-nyocokin baju..terus pilih muka orangnya...latarnya..hahaha. Serasa kembali ke zaman SD main orang-orangan yang biasa dijual selembar cepek di abang-abang depan sekolahan. Semakin lama main di website ini, semakin gue berpikir, fashion is all about body and money. kalo bodi lo oke duit kenceng, lo pasti bisa mendapatkan berbagai macam gaya fashion yang lo mau (terlepas dari apakah lo punya selera atau tidak). Orang boleh punya gaya, taste yang oke, tapi tetep aja ga bisa dipungkiri, kalau bodi mereka ga sebagus model-model yang ada di bawah ini, mereka tetep ga akan bisa terlihat sebagus ini. Kalau soal duit..yah..masih bisa diakalin lah dengan belanja di fleamarket yang sekarang uda ramee banget dipergunjingkan dan jadi tempat anak-anak muda berburu baju-baju bekas. Mungkin itu kali ya, sebabnya mengapa gaya vintage begitu menjamur sekarang. Bukan masalah trend "Old school is the new school", tapi karena pada ga ada duit! Hahaha. Yah gue disini bukan untuk mengkritik kalian para fashion follower, itu halal kok. Gue juga suka ngeliat orang-orang berpakaian bagus, siapa sih yang ga suka? Ini bukan kritikan, mungkin lebih ke keluhan. Hahaha. Nih hasil mainan gue di Looklet.
Gambar yang terakhir ini, gue kasi nama "Jakarta Street Style". Ga langsung semua anak-anak Jakarta berpakaian kayak gini sih..tapi cukup mewakilkan ya kan? Hahahah. Godspeed.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

We do love PMS

PMS does suck and also pleasing at the same time. I get to eat a lot of guilty pleasures minus the guilty haha. I know I was guilty as I ate them but I didn't feel guilty at all. Perhaps I'm turning into Dexter! Hahaha.
Friday I had pop mie rasa seafood, 2 slice of butter chocolate bread, a glass of vanilla caramel milk, ayam penyet ♥, 4 gorengan (3 molen dan 1 roti isi cokelat), ditutup dengan KFC dada. Hari ini ngegado semangkok penuh daging kecap tumis kecipir, terus tau kan cokelat Ritter ukuran gede itu? Gue makan 2 BUNGKUS. Yeah, 2 bungkus besar. Rasa Whole hazelnut sama Caramel Nuts. Yea I think I'm going nuts. Gimana ntar mau ngepas baju buat kawinan abang tercinta?? Alamak...Godspeed.


Okay I'm sure we all have had our fair share of "skip", or as I would like to pronunciate it, "sekip" moments. Well yesterday was mine.
The day went on well, with English UAS and all, and afterwards I hang out as usual at Takoru FISIP. I don't really effing know what Takoru stands for, but if I'm not mistaken, Taman Korea Baru? What a name for a campus food hall. Well tapi itu juga kalo ga salah sih. Yah persetan lah dengan itu. The night before my friend borrowed my laptop to burn a cd for her 5th year anniv with her bf. Must have been hell of a commitment, eh?
So in the morning I asked her to bring the laptop along and to lighten up her load she could just leave it in her car, and after class I will take it. It turned out she took off right away after exam with her bf, who came straight from Bandung, to celebrate. Poop. She called me 3 times but I didn't answer cause my phone was on silent. Well..anyhos..she gave it to my other friend instead..this other friend gave it to me...and we hung out at Takoru.
After lunch at Takoru, we go back to our campus, had a drama session, and I just realized that I didn't have my laptop with me after an hour and a half or so.
Truth is I didn't feel a thing. I mean, yes I was shocked, but not as much as I was amused. How can I be so mothereffingfather schtupid??! I don't really remember where I left it, my friend told me to trace it back down to Takoru. So I went back to Takoru with this my other friend, and yeah, the laptop was still there. Exactly where I left it, on the chair. And the girl who sat across to the table where I left it said, "Oh jadi ini..", like I was so effing guilty whatsoever. Well, I DID guilty. Haha. To myself.
After that I went back to FIB, and treat my other friend for a drink.
And like that was not enough, I was still stupid enough, to put myself out into the torrential pourdown earlier in Depok, to walk to the bus shelter. I was "sekip" enough to let Dian forced me to do so. If I had followed my instinct and just wait for the bus at 6 pm, I wouldn't have to spent an approximately an hour with clothes wet sitting on that Deborah refrigerator/ice-truck/bus.
Well, let's just call it a day. At least I get to arrived home safe. And my lovey-dovey Kimmy is still with me. Don't get me wrong. Kimmy is my laptop. Haha. Godspeed.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Meet Dexter. A blood spatter analyst for Miami Metro Police Department. He might seem normal outside. But he has an extra "nightlife" that only his foster father knew.
Gue udah dipromosiin serial ini dari tahun lalu sama akang TC, tapi pas dia ngasih linknya gue rada males. Liat aja muke si Michael C.Hall ini. Rada-rada creepy dan psycho kan ya? Hahaha. Tapi bulan lalu kakak gue tiba-tiba beli dvdnya terus kata dia bagus banget dan setelah gue tonton...WOW. Oops sori berlebihan.
Besides from his extra nightlife, dia itu sempurna kalo gue bilang. Ganteng, pinter, penyayang. Hahaha. Nontonnya sampe ngiler gue.
Gue jadi mikir aja ada ga ya orang yang bener-bener kayak dia gitu? Pasti ada. Mungkin aja orang itu ada di dekat-dekat gue saat ini, atau adalah salah seorang temen deket gue. Nobody knows. Tapi apakah semua orang seperti Dexter ini punya apa yang Dexter sebut sebagai "The Code of Harry"? Tentu tidak bukan. Bergidik euy mikirinnya.
Yang gue suka dari serial ini adalah lagi-lagi, menunjukkan bahwa manusia itu TIDAK PERNAH AKAN BISA dikotak-kotakkan menjadi hitam atau putih. Semuanya abu-abu. Itulah hakikat manusia.
Beberapa quotesnya yang gue suka dari Dexter adalah:

"Deb put up walls to hide from people how vulnerable she is. I put up walls to show how vulnerable I'm not"

"I can see their pain. At some point, I even UNDERSTAND their pain. I just can't feel it."

Dapet aja gitu loh bok suasana gelapnya. Visualnya juga oke. Dramatis. Mirip-mirip antara gayanya Heroes campur Desperate Housewives. Oke banget lah. Dexter is to watch for.
Craving for the season 2 DVD! Ketinggalan di rumah! Hahaha! Godspeed.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Kev to the Jumba

my boyfriend *in my dreams*
I can not believe what this guy has done. Like being all cute and smart and a youtube millionaire all before he turned 18 are not enough, he still made his own charity youtube channel! Yoohoo!
The channel is called JumbaFund, and here is the description in that particular channel.

"How this idea started: The idea started when I wanted to make a separate channel to KevJumba, where I could take my camera around and post casual videos often, something you don't really see on my other channel. Since I'm a Youtube partner, I can create multiple channels and earn revenue on this site based on the number of views I get. Rather than making a second channel to profit from, I decided I wanted to have this channel made strictly for charity, When I thought of it, I knew it had to be done. What this means is that anyone who watches the videos on this new channel (including this one) are helping the cause by donating to charity. So to all my viewers that have been following me and watching my videos, I appreciate it. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to do something like this."

Okay, who is this guy exactly? Perhaps you have all known him from his witty video on youtube. Perhaps I promoted him to you once. His youtube name is KevJumba, is a Chinese-American comedian and a youtube celebrity. Okay, I will just copy the rest from Wikipedia. I want to explain it all here without linking words. Hahaha.

"Kevin Wu was inspired to put comedy videos on Youtube by the stand-up performances of Dave Chapelle. He chose the YouTube username KevJumba because his friend used MattJumba as a screename, and he thought it was funny. Wu chose YouTube because of his lack of resources and an audience. When Wu's "I Have to Deal With Stereotypes" video was featured, his number of viewers began to increase. In this video, Wu says that the three stereotypes he must deal with as an Asian are that he is "cheap", a "nerd", and has "no social life". He tries to prove that he is not cheap by stating that he recently bought a "brand new, top of the line, TI-84 calculator". He acknowledges that this might make him nerdy but dismisses this stereotype because he does not "make all A' school today (he) made a B+". He goes on to say he can prove he has a social life because his cell phone rings all the time. At this point, his phone rings, he answers it, and the voice on the other end says, "Hey, why did you tell me to call you?"
Jeff Yang of the San Francisco Chronicle describes Wu as perhaps the most interesting elite YouTube personality, going from obscurity to YouTube's most subscribed comedian in a few months (when a user subscribes to another user's channel, YouTube puts the subscribees videos in the subscriber's subscription center and puts the subscribee's most recent video on the subscriber's homepage). According to Yang, Wu's videos are not strictly comedy, consisting mostly of "stuff that Kevin finds interesting, weird or irritating." Yang describes Wu's videos as "mesmerizing", although he has difficulty pinpointing why. Yang ultimately feels it is due to Wu's self-confidence, singling out the video "I Need Help With the Females" and its self-deprecating humor and relaxed delivery. In "I Need Help with the Females", Wu describes how males will sometimes ask him for dating advice, which he is unable to provide because females are like "another species" that he does not understand.
As of March 7, 2009, Wu had more than 425,000 subscribers and more than 14,100,000 views to his channel. His combined video views total to over 56,500,000. On February 26, 2008 the Los Angeles Times compared the web series quarterlife's viewership to Wu's. At the time Wu was a "semi-well known YouTube blogger" and had received 450,000 views for a video describing how he broke his shin. quarterlife, which had been picked up by NBC, had received only 100,000 views on MySpace and 50,000 views on YouTube.
By May 29, 2008, Wu had become one of three Asians under the age of 21 to be in the top five of YouTube's all-time most subscribed users with 187,000 subscribers and more than 5.9 million views. By June 5, 2008 he had become the number one subscribed comedian on YouTube, and third most subscribed uploader overall. Wu's videos have received replies from Jessica Alba and Baron Davis. In 2008, Davis created a "longest stare" contest for, a site that he and Alba's husband Cash Warren co-founded. The contest began with Davis challenging Wu, who then challenged Alba."

FYI, he is only a year older than me, and yet so witty and rich *sigh..*
The first time I met him was when I watching Nigahiga videos and then caught my eye on one of the related videos title, I forgot what was it, something about who is funnier between Nigahiga and KevJumba. So just out of random curiosity I searched his channel and has been a loyal subscriber for a year.

I am in love ever since ♥. Hahaha. Okay too much. No, but really I luuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrvvvvv him. Annoying enough? Lol.
Well tell me if you love him too, and if you do, you might find some of these Asian youtubers entertaining too: happyslip, ndtitanlady, nigahiga, and ninjadrops. Just type their name in youtube for endless laugh or maybe just a smirk. Hahaha. Godspeed.

credits to youtube and wikipedia.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Baru aja nonton X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Hasil? Megaaaaaaaannnggg bangeeeuuudd. Dari baru mulai aja ekspektasi gue udah tinggi. Pertama-tama, liat nama Hugh Jackman. Standar. Emang dia pemeran utamanya ya kan. Liev Schreiber. Siapa pula ini. Pokoknya pastinya dia jadi abangnya Logan. Tiba-tiba, jeng jeng jeng! "Ryan Reynolds", terus "Taylor Kitsch". Aw aw aw. Persetan dengan cerita. Persetan dengan spesial efek. Hahahahaha.

Ok just kidding. Gak mungkin seorang "perfeksionis" seperti gue ga membahas isinya. Oke. Visualisasi cukup yummy. Gelap dan dramatis. Adegan-adegan begitu detil dan menegangkan. Otot Hugh Jackman. Hugh Jackman telanjang. Otot Ryan Reynolds. Senyum nakal Taylor Kitsch. Ok ok, maaf, lanjut.

Sesuai dengan judul filmnya yang ada kata "origin", cerita film ini menceritakan asal muasalnya si James Logan aka Wolverine. Tapi bagi gue sendiri sih awalannya belum cukup megang banget gimanaaaa gitu. Asal-usul keluarganya si Logan kurang dikuak. Soal alur, ya oke lah. Oke banget malah. At least gue ga mengalami moment "yawn" di dalam bioskop tadi.

Agak kecewa dengan si Remy LeBeau aka Gambit. Taylor Kitschnya sih udah pas (bagi yang gak tau Taylor Kitsch sebelumnya beken lewat film apa, nonton aje serial Friday Night Lights, megang tuh), tapi kostumnya itu loh. Di komik X-Men yang gue miliki satu-satunya yang judulnya pun gue udah lupa, yang dulu pertama kali gue baca pas SD dan hilang setelah dipinjam tetangga gue, si Gambit tuh digambarkan keren banget. Rambut diangkat pake headband, jubah panjang cokelat, dan sarung tangan. Kalo yang di film kostumnya terlalu biasa. Standar.

Agak ngakak ngeliat Scott Summers aka Cyclops yang masih ingusan, dikejar-kejar sama Sabretooth. Hahahaha. Beda sama James Marsden yang cool banget ya di X-Men 1, 2, 3.

Overall film ini amat sangat menghibur mata di kala sedang penat dan sepet oleh tugas-tugas sejarah cina klasik sialan (haha kayak gue uda ngerjain aja. bahkan berusaha ngerjain pun nggak. simply the thought of it udah bikin gue penat). Nonton gih, biar pada Eyegasm. Hahahaha. Godspeed.

X-Team versi Alay

Friday, May 1, 2009

Praktek Haram

She behaves as if she was beautiful. Most American women do. It is the secret of their charm." -Oscar Wilde-

Quite a quote huh? Bener juga sih. Apa yang salah dengan bertingkah laku seolah-olah kita wanita paling cantik sedunia? Asalkan jatohnya ga jadi congkak sih, masih 100% halal kok.
Beberapa temen gue agak aneh.

#1: Ada yang mukanya Indonesia banget dan berbodi kurus dan tinggi tapi selalu gak percaya diri. Kalimat andalannya "Ya kalau muka gue oke sih gapapa rong..." dan "Kalau kulit gue ga dekil sih gapapa rong..." Gue paling males kalo dia udah minta saran tentang baju. Biasanya gue ngasih sarannya begini, "Kulit lo tuh uda gelap..jadi harus pake warna yang cerah.." atau "Lo tuh masih muda..apalagi mau ngedate..pakai warna terang lah!." Eh..dia malah suka balik nyerang, "Lo pikir lo oke rong?". Ckckck..capek emang

#2: Tadinya agak gendut, cuma semenjak diet ketat beratnya turun jadi 40 kiloan gitu dengan tinggi sekitar 160 cm-an. Kalimat andalannya, "Gue mau kurus..." Terus biasanya suka mencet-mencet lemak di leher dan perutnya sendiri sambil ngomong ke orang-orang, "Liat deh, ini gue tuh masih gendut, gendut banget!" Tsktsktsk..lebih capek emang.

Gue capek sama orang-orang itu. Capek. Ga bohong deh. Kalau gadis-gadis yang menurut ukuran publik, cantik, seperti mereka aja sering bertingkah laku seperti di atas itu, apa kabar gue, yang cantiknya sering jatuh di bawah standar?
Tapi kemudian gue berpikir, ah biarin aja, mereka sendiri yang ga bisa menghargai pemberian Tuhan, toh manusia diciptakan secitra dengan Allah. So let me keep behaving as if I were beautiful, and you, yeah YOU my originally beautiful friends, keep acting like you were UGLY. I'm done with low self-esteem.

Apa salahnya lahir dengan kulit gelap? Hidung pesek? Tubuh gendut? Rumput di halaman tetangga memang selalu lebih hijau daripada rumput di halaman sendiri. Orang-orang bule setengah mati seharian berjemur supaya kulitnya bisa tanned seperti kulit kita. Eh kita malah setengah mati mencari produk-produk pemutih kulit supaya bisa seputih orang-orang Eropa jaman baheula. Ya gue tahu topik gue klise memang. Tapi biar klise toh, praktek-praktek low self-esteem seperti ini masih sering terjadi, dan itu sebenarnya ga terlalu mengganggu gue, kecuali praktek haram ini dilakukan oleh teman-teman terdekat gue! Sangat mengganggu. Cepatlah insyaf kawan-kawan. I am sick with all of your whining. Godspeed.

Can I Quit Meats?

I am quitting on meats. Sounds like bullshit? Yeah, maybe, cos it is. Haha. I just read Vava's post about dog butchery, and I thought "Okay, I will never eat dogs." Gambar-gambarnya bikin kasian. Gak nahan. Well maybe gue gak akan kasian-kasian amat kalau gue ga sayang anjing. Tapi gue punya anjing, terus gue bayangin si Shiro disembelih. NO!!! $#%*#^#!%! I'd rather hurt than to see my dog hurt (haha ini mungkin omong kosong belaka).

But then I thought again "If I don't eat dogs, but I'm still eating other meats anyway, so what's the point? I'm still indirectly involved in another kind of animal slaughtery." Okay sometimes my mind goes a little bit too off, but hey that's the fact. I would love to quit meats, I do. But hey, who can beat the crunchy taste of pork ribs? Empal goreng? Ayam kremes? Bakso rudal? Shoot!!! Imagining those animals are slaughtered and skinned, just as heartbreaking as the thought of me living with no pork ribs or ayam kremes. Yeah..I know..I know.. it's such a shallow and selfish of me to think so...huhuhu. Well at least I don't eat dogs! Godspeed.

my baby shiro =]