Sunday, December 28, 2014

Best K-Dramas of 2014!

2014 is almost finished, 2015 is almost here, and dude, did I watch a looooot of dramas this year! It may not be as much as 2013, I gotta say this year was not my most productive year in watching K-Dramas, but I do really find a lot of my all time favorite dramas this year. I favor them so much that I feel like I really have to make a post specially dedicated to these dramas.

Without further ado, I present you my top favorite dramas of 2014, in order from 5 to 1:

5. Plus Nine Boys

I heard rumors about Kim Young Kwang and his controversial body shaming interview in 2013, but truthfully I searched the whole internet and I couldn't find the said interview, so it was still just a rumor to me. Even though it's true and I am a kinda subjective person when it comes to celebrity personalities, I still really like him in Plus Nine Boys.
He portrayed Kang Jin Goo perfectly, his longing stare, his playful smirk, and all of that. And you know, I'm really a sucker when it comes to friends-turn-lovers drama plot, and this one totally got me.

4. Discovery of Romance
I think I've never watch a drama where I can quote the dialogue as much as I can quote Discovery of Romance. This drama is filled with in-yo'-face love quotes, and I think this is maybe a first drama where I actually cried when the lead couples broke up (the second breakup, episode 10, if ya' know what I mean).
I am going to quote it for you here.

Kang Tae Ha (Eric Mun) to Han Yeo Reum (Jung Yumi):
“Let’s break up. Now, let’s properly break up. I couldn’t break up with you because I didn’t know why we broke up in the first place. And you’ve been resenting me all this time. You’re not broken up if you’re still resenting that person. Be happy, Han Yeo-reum. I’m glad I can sincerely say this to you.”

I'm feeling ya' dude. Say what, btches?

3. Marriage Not Dating
Don't think of this drama as the ordinary contract marriage drama. Not before you watch it. Just don't. I really like that this drama give us sight to what can really happen after marriage, and what marriage is about. It's not always glitter and gold, but if it's worth it, you gotta be optimistic and give it a go. It is so much more realistic than happily ever after.
So many comical scenes in this drama and I pretty much enjoy it. The directing style is fun and light, and yet I was surprised too many times to see the depth and how philosophical some scenes are. 

2. It's Okay, It's Love
It's Okay It's Love is hands down, the drama with the most good looking casts and the best soundtrack of 2014! I know Gong Hyo Jin may not be everyone's cup of coffee, but that's where she becomes special. She has this down to earth style and approachable vibe that makes her more believable. You wouldn't believe in someone whose face is too made up, or too pretty, you would believe in someone who looks cool effortlessly, like Gong Hyo Jin does. Together with Jo In Sung, they are match made in heaven. 
And, THE SOUNDTRACK. Oh, the soundtracks. Even after finished watching it for awhile now, I still can remember what song plays on what scene, and how were the casts expressions on that exact scene. It's like the songs are made for the series, and were blended in perfectly.
I would like me some Jang Jae Yul, please!

And, the best drama of 2014 is...

1. Misaeng
I could tell you like a hundred good reasons of why you should watch Misaeng, and could not find a single reason why not to. I'm sure no dramas are perfect, but I couldn't really find any worth-mentioning problem with Misaeng.
The casts, the acting, the soundtrack; it's like I can literally hear my heart screaming inside whenever a scene really rocks out, or whenever Jang Geu Rae is doing something awesome again, or whenever Chief Oh is being... just being Chief Oh. No other praise I can give out to Misaeng other than suggesting you, no, ORDERING you to watch it.
Sure, this drama is not for those of you who wants to see a jiggidy-wiggidy romance between man and woman. This is a 20-episodes series with no romance, but the main love line is between the workers and the superiors. But I gotta warn you now, that it is soooo good it is more heartbreaking and warms you inside.

Please find below my favorite Misaeng OST of the bunch. Mostly because I feel the lyrics really match the series well. About how corporate slaves work all day, with all of their heart, but they kind of don't know why. The situation that most of company workers (maybe especially those who work in Sales, the work background used in this drama) can relate to.