Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Doha Day 4

I've been playing the sims for almost 5 hours straight. Trying to create a new neighborhood called (guess what?) FORKS. Hahaha. Yeah. Done creating the Swan family, got too tired and now buffering some Exploration Human Body episodes on Youtube. Geez, maybe I should start doing something more productive. Like, hmmm, taking a shower. Or, make my bed. I really can't wait to see the beach!

Trapped in this big apartment, just me and my mother alone, I thought about things (yeah right, like what? What wallpaper should you use for the Swan's dining room?). I saw how my sister's living in this comfy small place. I saw Ivana's facebook status. She's back to her apartment in Depok and she said 'It's obvious that I love my place.'

Will I, no, will us ever be able to separate from the place we've lived in for a long period of time? Will I later, after I graduate, be able to separate from Depok? It has been such a routine, walking to the class, hanging out at campus, eating at Jeri or Sasari, playing with Randu, Oriz, Vana, Sandra and other fellow dormers. I think it will be unbearable to be apart from all of that I don't even wanna think about it. Wait, I'm thinking about it now. Yeah yeah. I haven't even graduated for God's sake. Haha. One thing for sure amongs everything I'm not sure about in this world is that we can't be so sure of anything. Of course I will be able to separate from Depok. I won't die cause of it, I'll live. But to know that I even doubt it is the proof that I really do care about the place. And the people. And don't forget what Paul Child said in Julie and Julia: "Home is wherever we are."

See you and take care of your heart, peeps! Godspeed.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Doha Day 3

Assalamualaikum! Saat ini di Ad Doha waktu menunjukkan pukul 19:18. Empat jam lebih awal dari Jakarta. Saya sedang duduk di ruang depan apartemen kakak saya, sambil memanfaatkan fasilitas wifi yang baru saja berhasil tersambung dengan riang gembira.

Ya ya ya..saya sudah tiba tiga hari yang lalu dengan selamat sentosa di Ad Doha, Qatar. Dan coba, coba, ngacung sebentar, di tahun 2010 ini siapa yang masih ngira bahwa Qatar itu adalah sebuah KOTA di Arab Saudi...? Coba, coba ngacung..well, I wouldn't blame you. Because it is indeed a very small country. Saya sendiri tahu di dunia ini ada negara yang namanya Qatar gara-gara pas SD dulu ambisi pengen selalu menang Pancasila lima dasar lawan temen-temen satu jemputan, jadi dari rumah udah prepare nama-nama negara A-Z nyontek dari Atlas :)

Actually, I really hate to post about things without pics, but I don't have a decent camera, and to make it worse, I forgot to bring my cellphone data cable. I haven't really explore anything, since I'm always stuck in the apartment all day like a TKI. But I ain't complainin, cos this apartment is packed with entertainment (and fooooooood nyahahha). So far, I only been to two supermarkets, and the food were all very tempting.

With this comfy apart, 24 hours entertainment, I don't really have the desire to blog, almost at all. But I figure I gotta blog something. Anything, about this place. It's like a commitment to myself. Hope I can complete the post with pics soon. Now I'm going to facebook, youtube, and tumblr some more. Sooo..Godspeed. :)) xxx

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Black Gold Red Blood

This is a dialogue from The Mentalist season 2 episode 6, Black Gold Red Blood, between Patrick Jane and an inmate. A quite flicked scene if I might say..So in every prison there's always this shot-caller inmate, the one that other inmates follow around or obey, right? Jane met one when he got in jail for eavesdropping on a fellow agent. This inmate is the typical tough-looking guy that lives off by scaring people off. As usual Jane played around and got on Inmate nerves.

Inmate: I don't think I like you much.
If you stop seeing the world in terms of what you like and what you dislike and saw things for what they truly are in themselves, you would find a great deal more peace in your life and I can help you with that if you want.
Inmate: I, uh... *lost for words* (Me: Owned! Haha!)
Jane: Think about it. Where's the phone in here? I need to make a call.
Inmate: Over there.

First of all, it's amazing how this show can twist such a scene. You should see the expression on the inmate's face after Jane's little speech! Ha! Cracked me up even the second time. And secondly, can Simon Baker be anymore adorable?? I find him more mischiveous and witty in season 2. He's not actually my type of bule, but this Patrick Jane charisma he's portraying? Just super cute like a bite-size Snickers!
Lastly, the quote is applied to pretty much everybody, and it is very much true so I really feel like I should enlarged it.

Can I put you in my pocket please, Sir?

Janespeed :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Into The White Night

Ever since I heard about this movie, I can't hardly wait for this movie to come out at mysoju.com already. It is based on popular Japanese mystery writer Keigo Higashino's story "Byakuyako," published first in Shueisha magazine from 1977-1979. It was then compiled into a best selling novel.

And now that I've watched it, I gotta give a standing ovation for Son Ye Jin. It is already a sin to be that goddess-like beautiful, and now this?? The movie was so intense, I felt like I had to get away from the screen once in a time. It is not the story, it is the characters that are all very well played by the actors.
Or I don't know, maybe it's because I've seen Son Ye Jin did several totally different characters, and they were all impressive. Innocent and in love (A Moment To Remember), a past and present adolescence (The Classic), a too carefree housewife (My Wife Got Married), and this broken-inside woman (White Night). I fell in love with them all.

She is one of my girl crush, amongs with Park Si Yeon. And After School. (;P) I recommend all Ye Jin's fans to watch this movie. And non-fans to watch it too, because you will be a fan after you watch this. And not too mention the hot bed scenes. Hahaha. Go Soo is such an eye candy.


Things I Really Wanna Try Right Now..

Not necessarily in that order

1. Vongole
2. Truffle Tagliatelle

3. Pasta Aglio Olio

4. Foie Gras

5. Soju

6. Makgeolli

7. Samgyupsal

8. Jajangmyun

9. Kimbab

10. Spicy rice cake stew

11. Bibimbab

12. Doenjang Jjigae

What I love about Korean food is how much colour they can put in a plate/bowl of meal. Beside, they're really healthy. And those pasta...I don't know, that's what you get from watching too much Pasta. Hehe. Heart you, Chef.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Self-made Blindness

Some people feel so great for not missin a single mass every week. That same some people also feel great for havin a lot of friends with the same belief, and perhaps, the same class in society. Okay, maybe this is the most classic stereotyping, I'm sorry but some people like moi myself can't help it.

There are sooo many reasons of why I don't go to church anymore, and I can't even find a single one why I should. And why am I sayin it proudly and blabbin it all here for you strangers and earthlings to see? First of all, I'm not proud. It's just a fact that I just couldn't hold on to that left-me-an-empty-inside-after-effect habit that we, Catholics, called mass.

Secondly, it seems like some people have forgotten one very basic thing that we Catholics should implant very deep in our minds and hearts, something that Dan Brown once tried to implicitly explain in his oh-so-mind-blowingly-divine book, The DaVinci Code. One fact that: Mary Magdalene was a prostitute. Yeah, she was a prostitute, yet she was God's best friend. He wants people to REACH OUT to those who are in need, be INCLUSIVE, not EXCLUSIVE. If you only hang out with the people you like, people you think match your social status well, you shouldn't be proudly adding 'GBU's or 'Thanks God's in your everyday speeches, should you?

I ain't writin these all so you can practice what I preach. I don't even practice what I preach, so who am I to tell you to do so? My very underlined, bold, and italic point is that, if you're saying 'Oh this is so me' to yourself after you read all the stuff I wrote above, please stop act like your God's super holy disciple. Please stop writing out your prayers in your facebook statuses or tweets or another hey-look-at-me! websites. Please stop bringing up your church in the things you say or do if you don't even wanna befriend someone who has lost his/her faith in the Big J, or someone who hates church. Everyone has their own saying, and if you think you're really that great, then why don't you try to reach out and fix that someone?

Seriously, sometimes it's not the church or the religion that makes people blind. It's the people themselves, they took the iceforks and stab their own eyes with it.

Last thing last, I swear I'm not writing it because of one particular person, it's just out of common observations, from stories I heard, and my own experiences. No particular person intended, so don't flatter yourself, whoever you are. Read this post with an open mind, even leave a hate comment if you want. Like I care. Hahaha. Godspeed.