Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Cheesy Summer Experience

I just graduated, baby! And now am on a job hunt. So I'm posting this right here, that I, Bernardine Stefani, 21 years old, a bachelor in China Studies of University of Indonesia, am looking for a job. Anyone interested in hiring me can contact me straight away! Haha.

By the way, this June to August, I worked as a Mini Club part-timer again, but this time in Club Med Bintan Island. It was fun and I really love it! It's amazing how nice strangers can be, and how nice the parents of the children I took care of are to the Mini Club GOs. They are all amazing people from all different kinds of nationalities. Argentine, Australian, USA, China, Hongkong, Korea, Italian, France, and a lot of many other countries, you name it.

And because I specialize in Chinese language, so I automatically did contacts a lot with Chinese-speaking parents ('Chinese Mommy' so did my boss called me), and I gotta say this time, they're really nice! Special shout out to the mommies of Di Han and Yu Tong from Tianjin, LuLu's parents from Beijing, Steve Han's parents from Shanghai, if you ever come across this petty blog of mine, I just wanna let you know that you made my stay in Bintan memorable, and you have wonderful kids. They are going to grow up to be beautiful people inside and out. 

Not to mention Park Se Hoon, who made me cry on his departure day. That day I realize just how much I love kids. And also thank you to Jaeden Tsai, a special 5 years old boy who made my last week working in Bintan so fun and cheesy!

I know it's really cheesy to do this on the blog like this, but what more can I say, I really love the experience I had in Bintan. I love ALL the kids. And the stupid me also somehow never asked to exchange emails and always regretted it afterwards. Now only God knows when can I meet those wonderful people again..I'm just crossing my fingers and wishing that someday, they would see this post and hopefully remember me, and say a little 'hi' :)

 Jaeden! A very lovely and energetic kid <3 p="p">

 Steve Han, a Chinese boy who has a Korean style hair-do. Me and my friend, Iris, called him Goo Jun Pyo (a character from Boys Before Flowers) and the funny thing was, he kept turning his head everytime we call him that. Heeheehee.

Se Hoon Park and Jasmine Park.These two are really smart, funny and friendly! I cried on their departure day. They're soooo lovable.

Next, is all the new friends I made. I cannot even start to describe by words just how amazing they are. We are friends forever, okay?? Because I cannot live without you, guys....*puke* Naaahh just kidding, I really love you guys. I love your cheesiness and I will remember you and our Q-Bar always!

Long story short, I felt a lot of love this summer, and I love it. I love looooveeeee. So cheezy...Okay, back to the hunt, Godspeed.