Saturday, June 12, 2010

Eclipse Update

New updates on Eclipse, Twigeeks! Haha I just can't get enough of this series, both the books and the movies. Credits to Kristen Stewart's facebook fan page.

Other version of the poster. Not bad. At least they shoot from different angle this time.

I guess it's the Victoria vs Edward scene..?

IMHO I'm a girl and I think Kristen's hot! One of a kind

Not lovin the wig, K...your hair's lookin all frizzy and weird

Hellloooooooo Jake!

Can't wait for June 30th! Just another 18 days! Yeah!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Review: Personal Taste. Totally suits my personal taste :)

Today I'm gonna review this Korean drama I love so much...Personal Taste! Gosh, words can't even begin to describe just how much I love it. At first, I only watched it cause Yoon Eun Hye got a cameo role in it as Lee Min Ho's ex-girlfriend. But the more I watch the more I fall in love. I was kinda worried it'd be dead boring like Kim Bum's post-BBF drama, Dream (I only lasted for 7 episodes, the fact that Son Dam Bi and Kim Bum were in it wasn't even helping), and also because Son Ye Jin was older by 6 years than Lee Min Ho (she was 28, he was 22) but nooo noooo it turned out to be super kawaii!

Yoon Eun Hye cameo in episode 8

First let's start at how good looking the two main casts are. My gawt, it's almost like a sin to be THAT beautiful. Both of them. Rumor has it, LMH had a plastic surgery, but hell, like I care. Nyahaha.

Son Ye Jin as Park Gae In
Lee Min Ho as Jeon Jin Ho

Let's start with Son Ye Jin. She played the perfect role as the clumsy yet kind-hearted Park Gae In. I really didn't expect this from her. She first got me dazzled as the bubbly alzheimer-diagnosed Kim Su Jin in A Moment To Remember. Was so innocent, yet she got this sensual vibe about her that you just can't ignore. So innocent and sweet, she shocked me by the role Joo In Ah in My Wife Got Married, in which, she won the Best Leading Actress in 2009 45th Baeksang Art Awards and Most Popular Actress in 2008 29th Blue Dragon Film Awards. Really, I never thought she'd be this brave in choosing roles.

As Park Gae In, I think she really proved she can act. Everything was so natural. I think she even beat Yoon Eun Hye as my favourite rom-com actress. In the future I hope to see more of her on tv shows. Her expressions were just fascinating to watch, and never failed to make me laugh and smile the whole time I watched (in the room, alone, in front of the laptop, thank G I was alone, anyone'd thought I was crazy talkin and smilin to the screen).

And...Lee Min Ho...gosh...everybody knows him as the hot-tempered romantic Goo Jun Pyo in Boys Before Flowers, and I wasn't really rooting for him, I kinda liked Kim Bum more..but now....he's so handsome, it's almost irrational. How on earth did God created such a good lookin creature like that?? Huh?? Thou must've not been fair G! *o*

I was afraid that this role was gonna be too Goo Jun Pyo for him, but my worry was just unreasonable. Playin the cold, poker-face, Jeon Jin Ho, he's just soooo manly and cool that I was lickin the screen. I think he's smart for choosin this role. No more childish Jun Pyo and welcome manly Jin Ho.

Overally, I think this is THE BEST Korean drama I've ever watched, and I'm not exaggerating here. The story's not too much, the characters are just right. I love the message it got that it is almost impossible for girls to be theirselves around guys, and maybe vice versa. Unless we know that particular guy will not be romantically interested in us, by then we can be ourselves since we know that he won't be judgin us in every move we make. Right right? Am I right? Say amen, ladies. The relationship between Jin Ho and Gae In can be THAT sweet, cause she doesn't hide anything from him, and he knows that she ain't pretendin and sincere the whole time. I think it won't be too much if I say that they are the ultimate on-screen couple that'd make all the girls go crazy.

This drama is too watch for! If not too die for. Hehehe. Kay then. Godspeed!