Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day 7: People In My Family and A Random Fact About Em

I guess I'd skip this challenge..totally not interesting..and there are too many eyes out there..hehe

Peace out.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 6: Ten Facts About My Hometown, Jakarta

1. I was gonna complain about the ridiculously massive traffic jam, but to think of it again, it is actually something that’s quite inevitable when you’re living in a city of 660ish square kilometres with another 9ish million people.

2. People feel insecure all the time due to the high criminal rates.

3. Beggars are everywhere. Sometimes they even go door to door. Also buskers.

4. In this city, the police are the real thieves. You know what I mean. If you don’t, ask. Or whatever.

5. Goin home from work and suddenly it starts to rain endless rain? Consider yourself sleeping on the street tonight. Rain and traffic are quite the deal package here.

6. There are a lot of malls and shopping centre. Even in my neighbourhood, two giant hypermarket standing just a few metres away. In the middle, standing a huge apartment building packed with ANOTHER HYPERMARKET and a few restaurants. Totally unnecessary. The gov should build more sports centre instead. At least if we’re going down to bottomless destruction, we can do it with chocolate abs on.

7. It rains in June and sometimes it’s sizzling hot in December. Talk about global warming.

8. You know you’re in Jakarta too long when you have at least gone once to Java Jazz even if you don’t like Jazz.

9. Everybody seems to have a Blackberry. Or someone in their family does. Either that, or they have two cellphones, GSM and CDMA. The GSM might be Blackberry though. Maybe it’s just a matter of time til they create Blackberry CDMA.

10. All the teenagers have at least one legging. True story. Haha.


Sunday, September 12, 2010

25 Days Challenge: Day 5

Top 10 favourite songs of all time (not in particular order)

These 10 have proven by time that they’ll always be the songs I would never get bored to listen to

1. Sara Bareilles - Gravity. Also youtube this: Kayla Kupono Addiction. Amazing routine from SYTYCD that made me fall in love with the song.

2. Adele - Someone Like You

3. Katie Thompson - It Doesn’t Hurt. Worth youtube for: Tara Jean Vincent Contemporary.

4. Yesung - It Has To Be You

5. Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me

6. Shakira - Underneath Your Clothes.

7. 2NE1 - Ugly

8. D’Cinnamons - Ku Yakin Cinta

9. Sasina - Lagu Cinta

10. Corinne Bailey Rae - Like A Star

Ugh it was so hard to pick just ten! I had to actually open my music folder to choose! This list pretty much describes me, a little bit indecisive with a little bit of edge. Ha. Godspeed.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

25 Days Challenge: Day 4

Ten favorite movies (not necessarily in this order)

I gotta say, this quite difficult..I’ve got too much favorite movies, I can’t pick out just ten! But you know, since this is a ‘challenge’ so I guess I can slim it out to just ten all time favorites..

1. Definitely, Maybe. I looove the story to the point that I wish I’m April.

2. P.S. I Love You. The best romantic feel-good movie ever!

3. Walk The Line. I don’t really know why I really like this movie though..I’ve watched it over for like 20 times..Maybe it’s the cute southern accent. Maybe it’s the soundtrack. IDK..I just really adore this movie.

4. Hellboy. He is like my personal heroine. I know, I know..some other people maybe would’ve picked Iron Man as their fav superhero..or Batman or Spiderman or Superman or whatever..but me, I’m Hellboy’s girl forever. I guess that’d make me Hellgirl then. Haha.

5. Chicago. This is probably the best musical movie I’ve seen, if not ever.

6. Up. Cried like a baby, laughed like a toddler. Memorable and sweet, it is totally my number 1 favorite cartoon movie.

7. Bring It On. Cheesy? gotta admit it is actually a decent cheerleading movie, probably the best so far.

8. Mean Girls. Tina Fey. Enough said.

9. Twilight. Ha! No matter what people said about it, I still love it and thinks it’s the best out of the three establishments. It was kinda Ada Apa Dengan Cinta-ish if I might say, brings out the high school memories in you. Still waiting for Breaking Dawn though.

10. Knocked Up. Katherine Heigl, my twin sister. Enough said.

See, even though I watch a lot of movies from all kinds of genres, my favorites are actually the light-hearted ones. I mean, sure I like James Bond or Jason Bourne, but I wouldn’t actually bother much to watch those movies twice or more. I think you can categorize a movie as your favorite if you can see it for more than three times and still can’t get enough. And that’s what I feel about these ten movies. Makes sense enough? Enough! Hahaha. Godspeed.

Friday, September 10, 2010

25 Days Challenge: Day 3

Seven secrets

Hmm..I gotta skip today’s challenge. I have no secrets. Or maybe I do, I’m just not telling because they’re, uhm, SECRETS. Kthxbye :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Yes Minwoo

Due to this ridiculously a lot of spare time I got, Ive been watching Korean drama via mysoju. Playful Kiss, I Am Legend, and...My Girlfriend is A Gumiho. I think Lee Seung Gi is totally outshined by his two casts, No Minwoo and Shin Minah. When did No Minwoo get so crazily handsome?? I mean before in his TRAX and Pasta days, I always think he's too girly for a man, but believe me, you'll love him in Gumiho. He's not No Minwoo there, he's YES Minwoo! Hahaha. And I didn't remember Shin Minah to be so out-of-the-world beautiful either. I mean, it's like sunlight comes out of her eyes everytime she talks and smiles! Okay, oversaid it, but seriously, see it for yourself and you'd know what I mean.

Anyway, here's one of my favorite scene. I'm hooked.


25 Days Challenge: Day 2

Ten random facts about myself

1. I have a huge girl crush on Shin Minah.

2. I really don’t get people who doesn’t like Friends. I mean, the show is like bubbly and funny! Who wouldn’t love it? I, like, have watched the whole ten seasons three times! …O wait, wow, I had a LOT of spare times, had I not.

3. I actually love my noodles and pizzas lukewarm. Sizzling hot is just overrated. When a pizza’s lukewarm, you can actually taste the dough better, and the cheese tastes way chewier. And so are noodles. The spices taste deeper when it’s lukewarm than when it’s hot.

4. I hate shopping for clothes. It’s the most boring activity. I’d rather eat….(mmyeaaa riiiiggghhttt…*smirk*)

5. This is one thing I just realised when I started teaching..I actually love kids..only if they’re pretty. Ha.

6. I have a morbid interest on spirits and ghosts.

7. I love everything about Korea.

8. I have a really awkward sense of humour. Enough to drive people away.

9. I am not complicated. Complicated is overrated. It’s just for people who don’t know what they want and don’t know their trueselves.

10. I believe in ‘a love that will last’ too much, sometimes it’s tiresome. Ha.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

25 Days Challenge: Day 1

Five most important/memorable memories (not necessarily in that order)

1. October 10th 2007. Thanks for what might have and might have not been :)

2. December 30th 2004. It was the most painful day of my life. I can never forget that day. I still remember the order perfectly and my dad’s last expression will haunt me for the rest of my life. I love him more than words could say and I can’t wait to see him again.

3. The day I got accepted at UI. It was like a dream come true. And now that I’ve come to experienced life as a student there, those moments will totally be unforgettable. I’ve met such amazing people, and loving every second I’ve spent, and will be spending with them.

4. An encounter with a pervert angkot driver when I was in 8th grade. Man, how I wish to kill him, I would kill him right away if I see him. That, if I still can recall his face. I wish him thousands of bad luck!

5. August 28th 2010. The first day I stepped my feet on Doha. So far, I haven’t got anywhere much, but these days will totally be memorable. The city and the people gei wo likai le shenke de yinxiang :)

25 Days Challenge

25 lists.

01. Five most important/memorable memories
02. Ten random facts about yourself
03. Seven secrets
04 Ten favourite movies
05. Top 10 Favorite songs of all time
06. Ten facts about your hometown
07. List the people in your family & a random fact about them
08. Top 10 favorite TV show or TV show characters of all time
09. A random list (one can be found on or
10. 10 random things that you remember from school
11. Top 10 blogs, according to you
12. Five chores that you love, 5 chores that you hate
13. Top 10 things you look for in a friend
14. Top 10 things you look for in a romantic partner
15. 10 places you want to visit before you die
16. Put your music player on shuffle, list the first 10 songs that come up
17. 5 favorite actors, 5 favorite actresses
18. 10 most important people in your life
19. 10 things that you could not live without
20. 10 favorite websites
21. 10 favorite games
22. 10 things that you love about yourself
23. 5 Favorite Foods, 5 least favorite foods
24. 10 most influential people/things/events in your life
25. 10 of your wildest dreams

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Doha Day 8

- Kpop is my biggest guilty pleasure. You know how Quil in Twilight imprint on that little girl and ever since doesn't see other girls' faces no more? That's how I'm like with Kpop. It's like other kinds of music doesn't sound interesting to my ear anymore. Seriously. I think Kpop is the best. You'll never get tired listening to Run Devil Run or Ah! over and over again. Well, at least I don't. Then why is it a guilty pleasure to me? Well, as much as I love listening to Kpop, I sometimes still get embarassed when people catch me listening to 2NE1 or SNSD or else. Well, CERTAIN people actually. Hehe. I also find it funny that I'm more attracted to the female idols than the male idols. I think they're much cooler and more attractive on screen. Who's with me?

- Sometimes I really can't stand my mother's humour. It's very dry and slapstick-y sometimes. It's like when we were waiting for the traffic light in Qatar, she suddenly said "How come there's no Kopaja and Mikrolet here?" And I was like "Uuugghh, you think??," but not out loud of course. She can get so jayus sometimes it's irritating. Oh, and she also likes to mock others physique, no, not their makeups, or the way they dress, but their BODY SHAPE. She can be so condescending and mean sometimes, it's really really bugging me. You know why? Cause I'm afraid I might turn into her. Oh, God forbid.

- I actually never envy other people's faces, I just envy their body. I ain't pretty but I just never really desire to have another face. I mean I might say I do once in a while, but that could be out of flattery. What I really do desire is, a body like After School's Jung Ah. Or UEE's. :9

- I like basa basi! I think that is still a really important part in our culture, you gotta suck up to the elders! But with people my age, I just don't see why I should, but I still do sometimes anyway. It has become a habit. That's why most people I just met see me come off as someone who is difficult to approach to, but really, it was just a habit I can't seem to shake off. Kinda pretentious you may say, especially if you'd gotten to know me. Come on young peeps, be courteous and pretentious once in a's fun you know hahaha.

- Oh, and did I mention Kdrama is also my guilty pleasure?

- Moustache is a really sensitive accesory to men. It can be disastrous, but it can be gorgeous too. Hello Kim Nam Gil and Eric Dane :)

- Lee Seung Gi. I'm just not feeling him. Yet. Maybe. DK.

- What is it with Kdramas that all the girls seems like programmed to choose a bad guy over an extremely nice guy? It'd be refreshing to see the opposite once in a while, like in Hello Schoolgirl :)