Thursday, February 18, 2016

To All The Living Stones Out There

When you leave no room in your mind and heart that your opinion MIGHT be incorrect.
When you don't know that you MIGHT not know anything.
When you act as if you're the most hurt person in the world,
while others MIGHT be suffering the same (if not worse) shit as you do.

That's when you leave so little space for your mind and heart to be opened.
And that's when you will start acting like a smartass, 
like every other people are wrong and you're the only one who's correct.
That's when your head and heart start hardening,
and you get all defensive, and too stiff and serious.

You can't see the funny in any jokes, you take any words to your heart,
you assume that any words spoken from others are directed to you.

Oh my.. If only you'd listen to Damien Rice and realize that "It's not hard to grow, when you know that you just don't know."

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